24 Fun Things To Do In Berlin

24 Fun Things To Do In Berlin

Let’s talk about the best fun things to do in Berlin. That is why you made it here.

We wrote a big guide to the coolest hostels in Berlin now we cover the stuff to do around.

Time to hit German capital and all the amazing fun things to do in Berlin. When you Backpacking Europe there is no way you can skip visiting Berlin.

It is very affordable super stylish and loaded with world’s history. Is it even the most important city in the 20th century?

Most of the time we are seriously bored by regular city guides especially for such big cities like the German capital.

Do you agree? Here is a solution!.

List of fun Things to do in Berlin
We have been several times to Berlin.

We are lucky to say: we have many friends living here. Thanks to our local friends we know the city quite well.

This is why we created this guide to the best and fun things to do in Berlin.

psssst. Again we wrote a big guide on the best hostels in Berlin. In the nutshell these are:

  1. Wallyard Concept Hostel – best choice for solo travelers and hipster couples
  2. The Circus Hostel – great for couples
  3. Grand Hostel Berlin Classic – top pick for female solo travelers

1. Berlin Wall – Eastside Gallery

If you don’t mind we start this list with a more obvious one.

East side Gallery is the largest open gallery in the world. It is around 130 km and contains more than 100 paintings by artists all over the world. Entrance is for free!

Good to know: Whatever you do do NOT miss visiting the Eastside Gallery. This is the #1 Must Things to do in Berlin.

2. Anti-Pub Crawl: Alternative Berlin

Take an alternative intimate pub crawl of Berlin to experience the city’s nightlife more like a local.
Hop in some of the city’s most amazing spots and actually meet some of the friendly Berliner. Some of the bars you will visit include a Ping-Pong bar a Goth horror rock bar an Absinthe bar, beach bars, squat bars, and even burlesque clubs.

See where Rammstein and Marilyn Manson hang out play ping pong with the locals in Berlin’s iconic Dr. Pong’s or visit some crazy techno clubs and dive bars.

Try a rave or a hip hop party in an old, bombed out abandoned train depot. Perhaps you’d prefer a surreal club three floors below the city with a labyrinth of hidden rooms and oddities that you must descend in an elevator to explore.

3. Bar Live Music: “An einem Sonntag im August”

We felt in love with this place on our very first day we visited Berlin back in 2008.
An einem Sonntag im August“ simply means on a Sunday in August. Enjoy a delicious brunch with not a big but tasty selection or the daily menu.

But wait here is our actual recommendation: This place is 100% typical Berlin.

Stop by for the evening or a special event. There are quite a lot of music concerts to enjoy so get their latest updates and events on their Facebook page.

Last but not least: The area is fantastic to discover more of the Berlin nightlife. Beer garden simple bar or cocktail bar you have a wide selection of choice here! They also host live concerts here.

Address: Kastanienallee 94-103, 10435 Berlin, Germany

4. Visit Reichstagsgebäude for free BUT book ahead of time!

The German Bundestag is located right around the corner of the Brandenburger Gate (see below).

You can visit the building dome and roof top terrace for free. However you need to book your visit beforehand. It is free of charge and you need to bring your passport with you.

5. Restaurant: Café Auszeit at the river bank

Cafe Auszeit“ is a lovely restaurant off the tourist path located in the district of Wedding.

If you are looking for an authentic Berlin restaurant this is the place to be. Here you can get some finger food, pasta, burger and a large breakfast if you fancy. The location is very beautiful to visit as it is located at the river bank.

Café Auszeit is especially recommended during summer as they have a big terrace here and delicious home made lemonade.

This restaurant is a 20 minutes walk away from Wallyard Concept Hostel  via public transport 10 minutes.

Address: Kiautschoustr. 12a, 13353 Berlin, Germany

6. The Monkey Bar

We have to admit, this one is slightly touristic, okay okay.

BUT, in our defense: it is pretty cool indeed!

Climb up the monkey bar get a drink and enjoy the view. The monkey bar is a hip hotel terrace with a direct view to the Berlin Zoo therefore the name!. and a beautiful view over Berlin.

Find more information and events at the Monkey Bar here.

Address: Budapester Str. 40, 10787 Berlin Germany

7. Mauerpark on a Sunday

This is probably on top of all the coolest things to do in Berlin in summer!

Mauerpark“ simply means „wall park“ and refers to its former status being part of the Berlin wall and death strip.

It is a public park which is a great place to visit not necessarily beautiful, but super cool and hip could this be any more Berlin?!

The Mauerpark is a cultural and artistic center.

Join the numerous events from Karaoke on Sundays flea markets, exhibitions, live music and more. You can find all events at Mauerpark.info/?lang=en

Good to know: The park is extremely popular for locals. If you are planning to visit on a Sunday try to be there before noon. It will get super busy afterwards still cool though!

Address: Schwedter Str. (Bernauer Str.), 12305 Berlin, Germany

8. Oasis: Flughafen Tempelhof during summer

The former Tempelhof airport is now a public park.

But not just any.

It is a huge green park in the heart of Berlin, a perfect place for cycling, skating, BBQing, and living.

Address: Tempelhofer Damm 1-7,12107 Berlin, Germany

9. Free Walking Tour (perfect to start!)

We love to take a free walking tour on our 1st day visiting a city.

We tested out several tours and in our opinion Sandeman’s Free Tour is the most compact walking tour.

The tour covers interesting facts about Berlin’s history and Berlin today plus some cool fun facts!

Again especially recommended for your very first day in Berlin as you can ask the guide basically everything!

Anyways there’s so many cool walking tours in Berlin. Simply ask your hostel. For sure they know a great one too!

10. Brandenburger Tor & Holocaust Memorial

There is no way on earth you can miss the Brandenburger Tor English: Brandenburger Gate.

This is where the wall was opened for only a few minutes before the fall itself. This is where world’s history happened. Curious enough, today there is still the embassy of the U.S.A, France, and Russia.

Around the corner of Brandenburger Gate you will find the world famous Holocaust Memorial another must visit in Berlin.

You can walk through the Memorial itself.

Many tourists play here hide&seek while other see this as not appropriate. Please remember that this memorial symbolizes a dark part of German European and world history.

Every walking tour will cover this sight too.

Fair enough to say: It is not a fun thing to do in Berlin but one we absolutely recommend.

11. Spreepark, the Abandoned Theme Park

There is always something special about abandoned theme parks.

We visited the abandoned water park in Hue and the Spreepark in Berlin easily competes.

Pack your camera!

Located in south-east Berlin, the Spreepark has been abandoned since 2002. The theme park was actually build in the formerly part of the GDR-controlled East Berlin, and it was actually used until 2002.

Good to know: Unfortunately you cannot visit Spreepark on your own anymore. It is forbidden to enter the area without a guided tour. Although people do it still anyways.

12. Underground Berlin

A tour of underground Berlin takes you through World War II air raid shelters and tunnels used to smuggle people out from East to West Germany.

But not just that. It is also about Bunkers and Hitlers plans of “Germania”.

If interested in the late history of Germany and Europe then go here.

13. Eat at TV Tower Berlin

The famous TV Tower of Berlin in German “Fernsehturm”.

This building will help you almost every single time to get directions on where you are in the city.

But not just that.

Same as the Eifel Tower in Paris you can actually go up here and eat.

After all, there’s a restaurant.

Enjoy the panorama floor of Berlin’s TV Tower and take a seat by the window. See the city and all its sights such as Potsdamer Platz, the Brandenburg Gate the cathedral and the Olympic Stadium, from 200 meters above the city.

You can actually pre-purchase a table in the restaurant in the TV Tower. This helps to reserve your spot on the window. This is obviously one of the romantic things to do in Berlin. Good idea for a date!

14. Drive a Trabbi Car through Berlin – Unique!

One of the unique things to do in Berlin is this one: Take a Trabbi Tour!

Seriously that is a bit like driving a vintage car through Paris or take a Mario Kart through Tokyo.

Take a trundle back in time in your much-loved vehicle over the cobblestones of Berlin.

After your second hair raising corner, you will have caught the Trabi-fever and never want to get out again. All good things must come to an end but don’t worry: as a souvenir of this unique experience we will give you your very own Trabant driver’s license!

During the tour, you will pass by popular Berlin sights including:

  • Potsdamer Platz
  • the Brandenburg Gate
  • Unter den Linden
  • the Berlin Cathedral
  • the Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall)
  • the TV Tower
  • East Side Gallery
  • the Oberbaum Bridge
  • Checkpoint Charlie.
Good to know: You are actually driving the Trabbi by yourself. So you need to bring a valid drivers license.

15. Sightseeing Tour in classic VW Bus

While we already love the idea of a Trabbi Safari the classic VW Bus really had an impact on us.

Both tours in the classic car is amazing. While you drive your own Trabbi car in the tour above you will be driven by a drive in the classic Volkswagen Bus.

Still cool though!

Enjoy an exceptional and exclusive sightseeing tour in the legendary VW T1 Samba bus. Discover the history of almost 50 sights of Berlin in two hours in a vehicle for seven people.

Travel the guided route through small but interesting side roads so that your friendly chauffeur can tell you about the different eras of Berlin in just 2 hours. You also get to know almost forgotten places and discover the origins of the city.

16. Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie

Of of my favorite museums in Berlin: The Wall Museum!

It is located directly at the famous Checkpoint Charlie another sight you have to visit anyways.

The museum was founded on October 19th, 1962, shortly after the construction of the Berlin Wall as a protest against the Wall and to provide assistance to the people seeking help.

The Berlin Wall Museum was formed with the purpose of fighting against human rights violations as a result of the wall. Gradually the museum increased its exhibition space and contributed to the fall of the Wall.

The museum had a vital role in history and the objects on display in the museum provide evidence of this.

They are original artifacts from successful escapes such as a hot-air balloon a mini-submarine cars and airplanes. People helping East Germans to flee used the museum as a base from which they planned the escapes and organized resistance to the unjust GDR regime.

After escaping the refugees and their helpers donated their various means of conveyance and other objects to the museum.

If I told you a few things on how people escape from East Berlin you wouldn’t believe it.

Again, if you are interested in German and late European History come here. You will enjoy this one. It takes you around two hours to visit everything in the Berlin Wall Museum.

Good to know: You see, this is not a museum built after the fall of wall it was actually part of it. Seriously one of the unique things to do in Berlin.

17. Street Art, Graffiti Tour and Workshop

Berlin and Graffiti that goes literally hand in hand.
Learn the story of graffiti in Berlin on a walking tour seeing the latest and best examples of Berlin street art. Later make your own urban masterpiece in a hands on workshop with real local artists.

It is one of the cheap things to do. And for sure a very “berliny” activity we would say.

18. Foodie Tour: Culinary Food Tour in Kreuzberg

Foodies please listen up! This is one for the hipster things to do in Berlin.

Experience a special food tour in one of Berlin’s most famous hotspots, Kreuzberg. Enjoy a  three hour trip through the streets, backyards, and restaurants of the unique neighborhood.

Berlin has all types of cuisines and you can eat all day long everything you want almost.

Anyways make sure you put some budget on the side for eating your way through Berlin. There is even cooking classes. I would keep that open for your Barcelona trip though.

For Berlin, hop on the Food Tour. Guten Appetit!

19. Stasi & Bond: Spy Museum Berlin

Scouts spies, agents, encoders and deceivers are among the oldest professions in the world.
No place is better suited to a spectacular tribute to the major players of this international world of mystery as Potsdamer Platz in the center of Berlin long considered the capital of spies.

Discover the Berlin of secret agents and espionage at the Spy Museum.
Where the Berlin Wall once divided the city the Spy Museum Berlin gives a unique insight into the shadowy realm of spying. Visitors put aside the latest technology to “uncover” the ingenious and sometimes bizarre methods used by agents and secret services. In Germany’s only spy museum experience a thrilling journey through time from the biblical clients to the present and future in the heart of the capital of spies.

Good to know: It is also one of the cool things to do in Berlin for families. Especially kids between eight and 14 will have fun. Check out the video below. Your kids may enjoy trying to be a spy not triggering the lasers.

20. Visit a Fleamarket

Another super popular thing to do in Berlin is visiting a Flea Market. There is quite a few and personally we have been to only two of them. But shame on us we do not even know their names.

So here is the most popular flea markets in Berlin:

  • Flea Market at Marheinekeplatz
  • Flea Market at Arkonaplatz
  • Flea Market at Rathaus Schöneberg
  • Fesche Lotte Flea Market
  • Antique and Book Market at Bode Museum
  • Art and Flea Market at Fehrbelliner Platz
  • Flea Market at Boxhagener Platz
  • Flea Market on Straße des 17. Juni
  • Antique Market at Ostbahnhof
  • Nowkölln Flea Market
  • SO36 Night Flea Market

21. Bitcoin Bar Berlin: Room 77

Rock n Roll Bar and Burger in Berlin that only accepts Bit Coin. The place calls itself  “The restaurant at the end of capitalism: warm beer cold women and fast food made slow.”

The food is really good. So good that guests are actually surprised.

Anyways the reason why this place is famous: You can only pay in cash or in BitCoin. Find more information about Room77 on FourSquare.

22. Germans can be funny: Comedy Bus Tour

Discover Berlin on this fantastic 1.5 hour comedy tour.
Explore the city of Berlin on this fantastic comedy tour. Experience the rolling stand up show and enjoy the entertainment by top comedians such as Cem Ali Gültekin, Thorsten Bär, or André Kaiser.

Enjoy a unique combination of comedy and historical anecdotes as you explore the famous sights in the German capital.

Good to know: The tour is in English and loaded with comedy and fun facts. Really entertaining sightseeing.

23. More Live Concerts

What if I told you you can visit every single day a cool concert!? Well it’s Berlin of course it is possible here.

It would be way to long and simply impossible to list all events here.

24. Base Flying

Confession time: I did not do this by my own.

But hey you can! On Alexanderplatz you can actually try out Base Flying. What is Base Flying?

Roped upon a special construction you will be jumping down a whopping 125 m from the roof of the Park Inn Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz; at almost free-fall speed.

How to get around Berlin

Now that we have covered these cool activities how do you get around? First things first: Always buy a ticket when using public transport.

If you are planning to use the public transport and you should always buy a ticket.

Again: Always!

There are many controls on tickets so you should try to avoid a penalty.

There are so many different offers on tourist cards and tickets, it is impossible for us to collect them all here. Our friends from Wallyard Concept Hostel (see below!) will be happy to help you here!

Good to know: We always bought a day ticket which is worth it to take if you plan to take the public transport more than three times a day.

Best Hostels in Berlin

As mentioned at the beginning we have been several times to Berlin. We checked out several hostels.

The last time we stayed at the new Hostel in town: Wallyard Concept Hostel!

This accommodation a a stylish Boutique Hostel combining an industrial design with the hipster vibe of Berlin.

This hostel is not just super stylish. It is also 100% Berlin like! Stay here thank us later!

Read our full review of Wallyard Concept Hostel Berlin.

The three best hostels are:

  1. Wallyard Concept Hostel – best choice for solo travelers and hipster couples
  2. The Circus Hostel – great for couples
  3. Grand Hostel Berlin Classic – top pick for female solo travelers

Map of all Fun Things to do in Berlin

We put all our recommendations on the map. As you can see all our recommendations are throughout the city.

For a Berlin experience we think this is perfect.

Every corner of the German capital is different. This way you can get an idea of all the different areas.

Summary: Best Things to do in Berlin

By now you should have taken notes and your list should be long.


Anyway it is worth it to know Berlin is quite big. It can take a long time to get from A to B although it is well connected. Just make sure you plan with enough time and do not rush it too much.

Also there is many day trips worth it to take a look such as the day trips to Concentration Camps outside the city.

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