Catching the train with the police

Catching the train with the police

After our Freedom Trail tour we wandered around China Town in Boston in search of our next thing to do. We ended up reaching the train station and thought that maybe it will be cool to check out Gillette Stadium. We didn’t put much thought into it and next thing we knew  we are on the train towards Walpole station.

It was quite a hassle getting to “Patriot Place” but we found it to be a cool spot to chill out. However, e failed to realize that there will be a back to back football match happening that late afternoon. We lingered around too long and there were no means for us to get back to Walpole station. Traffic was down making it impossible for cabs to come in and it was a long walk away.

When we saw a policeman down the street we ran up to him asking about other alternatives to rush back to Walpole for the last train leaving in ten minutes. To our disbelief he offered us a ride in the police car. So thanks to the Boston Police we were back in Boston safe and sound just in time to catch our bus to New York.

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