First 24h in Hanoi – an introduction to the city by English-Students

First 24h in Hanoi – an introduction to the city by English-Students

“Are you busy?“ she asked us and six more pairs of eyes were looking at us.

We arrived in Hanoi capital of Vietnam. We just slowed down from our 1st wander around the old town of iconic Hanoi. We got a first glance of the city and tested the waters for buying a motorbike in Hanoi. After all this is the plan: getting 2 motorbikes and drive them from the North to the South of Vietnam.

We just bought a soft drink and sat down at the famous Hoàn Kiếm Lake when these seven young Vietnamese approached us.

“Are you busy?“ she asked. “Well“ we replied only hesitantly looking into the excited eyes of young men and women.

“We are students and we want to talk with you. In English. We are looking for foreigners we can talk to.”

“oh yes sure“ we replied. They sat down next to us and we started to chat about so many topics. Hanoi food our heritage, their heritage, their language school, motorbikes, and they even shared the legend of the Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

We are Anna and Matt together with our team of writers we are collecting the worlds most amazing hostels the five Star Hostels.

Our new project took us all the way from North to South of Vietnam visiting hostels Vietnamese homestay and meeting people along the journey.

In Hanoi we visited the brand new homestay “Momento My Little Vietnam“ a carefully design hub of creatives.

The little homestay features four detailed decorated rooms kept in different themes of Vietnam and they even offer workshops like glass painting leather goods handmade and embroiderer.

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