Flattering Disasters in Paris – Kissing in France?

Flattering Disasters in Paris – Kissing in France?

Before exploring the city of love I wandered into a nearby park to enjoy some long awaited down time. Unbeknownst to me my blissful repose would be cut short by a disheveled meandering charmer.

He made his way over sat down and began his flirtations selectively oblivious to the fact that I was deep in that whole writing alone thing. No matter within minutes he somehow managed to kiss my hand write his number in my journal and propose that “all French and Americans kiss on the lips.”  With swift persistence I joked my way on out of there oddly curious about his disastrous forwardness and at the same time infuriated by his violation of my journal.

As a relatively new traveler this encounter provided a humorous insight into the differences of men throughout the world. Interestingly I do prefer to experience new cultures and culture shock right in the face but maybe not so much on the mouth.

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