Losing my Shared-Taxi at the Togo-Benin border

Losing my Shared-Taxi at the Togo-Benin border

Usually problems crossing borders involve corrupt officials visa troubles or unexpected closures

I’m not sure what the locals thought when they saw a tall hairy white man running barefoot from the border in the morning sun, with no luggage clutching his chest pocket to ensure his passport didn’t fall out  asylum seeker or drug dealer maybe.

Truth was I would managed to lose my shared taxi. I was traveling from Benin to Togo and being a foreigner I would had to be stamped in/out of both countries rather than doing as the locals do and showing ‘ID in the form of small value local currency. I wuld left my luggage in the taxi and jumped out at the Beninese post but by the time I would been processed got my Togo visa and crossed over the taxi had disappeared.

I wasn’t too worried at 1st I hadn’t paid him yet but it meant I had nothing on me other than a shirt trousers my passport and a small amount of money even my sandals were in my backpack. After waiting for 15 min the border officials suggested that my taxi might be waiting at the car park some 200 M up the road. Turns out it wasn’t.

Several thoughts crossed my mind I would lost pretty much everything tablet, phone, clothes, power leads, debit card and figured I would have to go to the British Embassy in Lomé to plead my case then realized there wasn’t one. Was I going to be stuck in a country I was only visiting because it was in the way?

Luckily within fifteen minutes my taxi returned he would been waiting for me to get through immigration got bored and dropped off his other passenger before coming back to find me. Crisis narrowly averted I headed on towards Lomé.

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