Our morning traffic was a herd of goats – Rural Petrich in Bulgaria

Our morning traffic was a herd of goats – Rural Petrich in Bulgaria

Having spent six weeks in the small village in Petrich Bulgaria I must say that it was the biggest cultural shock I have had to date. We went there eleven other students and I as part of our university course with the aim to create a geological map for our dissertations.

A Bulgarian family that didn’t almost know any English. The few past weeks before we left was spent learning the Bulgarian language. In Petrich in the Bulgarian community were really lovely and we were welcomed when we arrived. A lady came up to us and hugged us all that was a bit of a relief we felt a little nervous all of us.

A humble old Bulgarian lady who we called Baba Bulgarian for Grandma cooked our meals three times a day for six weeks. We were actually shocked to start to learn that her house was made from chipboard only had 2 small rooms and she cooked from her stove located in her bedroom. Amazingly she produced lavish three course meals for dinner and we were full.

After a few weeks we were used to the morning traffic a herd of goats with brass bells trotting down the road we had gotten used to the strong taste made locally by Rakia and used to the way of life in Petrich

It was really a very sad day when we had to leave Petrich but for sure I will always remember my time with the hope of returning one day.

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