Two Russian Spies in Rotterdam? A Hostel story

Two Russian Spies in Rotterdam? A Hostel story

It was a summer when 2 young Russian guests came to our Ani & Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam to do the check in. They were 2 friendly guys maybe a bit serious like people can be They were carrying 2 suspicious long thin hard cover bags with them. With big eyes I was fantasizing about 2 Russian spies with guns coming to our Rotterdam.

I asked the guys, what they are doing in Rotterdam and what they brought with them. They said they would go to an event and that they have their boats with them. So I mumbled a bit Yeah yeah right your float able boat or what?!“ and my fantasy about them continued. They spoke poor English so they didn’t understand my joke as I didn’t understand their seriousness.

Later when I went upstairs to do the laundry I saw the 2 Russian spies“ again they asked me to come in their room as they wanted to show me something. I had my doubts but okay I went inside. They showed me 2 beautiful detailed scale models of motorboats. They were here to join a competition for that. So innocent and passionate about it and they are traveling all over the whole world to show their beautiful boats.“

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