We fell in love at Marken Gjestehus in Bergen

We fell in love at Marken Gjestehus in Bergen

Well we met at a Hostel in Lisbon. We had a good connection and exchanged Facebook accounts.

Not very much I kind of put her name on Facebook looking for her sent the friend request and she accepted me does that make me a stalker?

We kept in touch talking on Facebook until I decided to go to Norway for traveling and to see her.

I was not expecting anything since I’m a Brazilian guy that lives in Lisbon and she is a Norwegian living in Bergen.

But then I booked the Marken Gjestehus Hostel the 5 Star Hostel in Bergen and went there with an open heart. If we didn’t connect for real well at least I would be visiting an amazing pretty city in Norway would stay in the best hostel of Norway and would be an amazing experience anyway.

But thanks Thor our connection was real. We went for a walk in the mountains she got me those super good Norwegian cakes Sommerbolle I think and our date was perfect so perfect that after that I changed my booking for a double room instead of a bunk bed. We had an amazing time in the hostel.

The double room has a window with an amazing view to the mountains with those Bergen colorful houses. Was actually one of the most romantic moments of my life. And there in that double room in the hostel with that breathtaking view we fell in Love I guess sounds cheesy but cheesy is real sometimes.

After that we kept traveling to see each other for months until she moved in with me in Lisbon to work in the Norwegian embassy in Lisbon.

Now she has to go back to Norway to study and we will keep these far distance thing. It is not optimal but at least it makes us travel more.

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