10 of the Best Volunteer Programs in Ecuador

10 of the Best Volunteer Programs in Ecuador

What’s not to love about these awesome volunteer programs in Ecuador? Your motivation to volunteer abroad probably stems from 2 major places: you have got a big heart that you are bursting to share with others and you have got a set of wide eyes that are eager to feast upon something new. When volunteering abroad in Ecuador there is going to be plenty to fill your heart and satiate your eyes we absolutely guarantee.

The volunteer opportunities in Ecuador are so replete that choosing the right provider could be understandably overwhelming. Once home to the Inca civilization colonized by Spanish conquistadors in the 1500s and achieving independence in 1822 Ecuador’s chaotic history has made space for rebuilding that is still in action. Nearly half of the country is in poverty creating a need for teachers healthcare workers and community developers. Your volunteer programs in Ecuador of choice has more to do with the immense biodiversity the country offers well there are programs for that too.

You will be offered so much as a volunteer in Ecuador from weekend adventures in the Amazon jungle and Andean mountains, to sampling exotic fruits hey there gooseberries and dragon fruit to Spanish-language immersion made more interesting due to the high prevalence of indigenous dialects spoken throughout the country. Perhaps you will spend your days in the Ecuadorian wetlands tending to iguanas and tortoises but you will be a short bus ride away from exposure the country’s capital a stunning world heritage site. Calling all souls that are equal parts giving and adventurous this is your time.

Here is a sneak peek of some sensational volunteer programs in Ecuador according to our community of meaningful travelers and past volunteers: 

A Broad View Volunteer Corps
Kaya Responsible Travel
Performing Arts Abroad
International Volunteer HQ
Intercultural Outreach Initiative
Volunteering Solutions
United Planet
ELI Abroad
Projects Abroad
The Eleven best volunteer programs in Ecuador this year

A Broad View Volunteer Corps 

1. A Broad View Volunteer Corps

“My experience in Ecuador went so far beyond my expectations I loved how welcoming and friendly my host family was. They made me feel comfortable and made my time in Ecuador 10x better. Everyone that I worked with at the projects were patient and understanding of my limited Spanish ability and despite the language barrier I was able to learn so much from them.”

When you spend your time volunteering in the places that have the deepest demand for help you now you are doing it right. This provider wants to put you at the epicenter of need placing volunteers that are looking to teach in the most impoverished orphanages and volunteers that are looking to work in conservation  one of the most neediest animal welfare reserves. Hand in hand with the most impoverished places is the most exposure to a different side of the culture so this program places a large emphasis on community and language immersion alike through local homestays and events.

Kaya Responsible Travel 

2. Kaya Responsible Travel

“I learned so much about myself and about other cultures through the Ecuadorian people and friends visiting from other countries. I feel awakened after this experience I feel that my adventures have just begun and that I want to continue exploring and learning about new places in the world.

If you are looking for a program that’s tailor made to your exact needs then you are going to find your perfect fit with Kaya Responsible Travel that focuses on customizing a volunteer gap year based on interests timeline and need. Spread across Africa, Asia, and Latin America the nearly 200 programs offered by this provider are predominantly eco friendly and conservation focused. Volunteer opportunities in Ecuador with this provider where wild cats, turtles, parrots, and monkeys have all made a home are particularly striking if nature is your happy place. This program has some spectacular highlights paragliding or biking through the Andes or climbing one of Ecuador’s inactive volcanoes. 


3. Performing Arts Abroad

“I loved volunteering at the school and seeing how much fun the students had with music It was truly amazing to see how positively music can affect people and it was refreshing to work with such an enthusiastic bunch of wonderful people.”

This program speaks the language of music and if you yourself are an artist, musician, or hopeless romantic it’s going to speak the language of your soul too deep?. Striving to strengthen cross cultural communications into the world of performing arts this provider situates dance, theater and music at the forefront of its international exchange mission. As a volunteer this translates into using the tools of music therapy and expressive education to work alongside disabled individuals. This is a truly unique way to support social change make a direct contribution to someone’s life and maybe get ahead on your music career through opportunities to collaborate with local musicians abroad.
Get more info on Performing Arts Abroad 


4. International Volunteer HQ / IVHQ

“The local staff was friendly and helpful the work was nice and fulfilling. With the work I got to know and help the local community. In short: I highly recommend working as a volunteer with IVHQ.”

 Building grassroots partnerships on the ground with local NGOs IVHQ exhibits unsurpassed dedication to the volunteering abroad experience. Choosing this program guarantees high quality training and excellent support allowing you to know with certainty that you are contributing significantly to whichever of the many operational volunteer programs where you enroll. Required working hours are only four days a week leaving long weekends for you to replenish your spirit through weekend trips away and exploring your local surroundings too. When dedicating yourself to volunteer work particularly in a new environment full of cultural adjustments partaking in a program that gives you room to recharge can be not only ideal, but even necessary. 
Explore International Volunteer HQ / IVHQ


5. GoEco

“The beauty of the region was astonishing it is a place where I would like to return someday. It was an amazing experience overall. I have met great people the local staff was very friendly. I enjoyed working at the animal shelter I recommend it for every animal lover.”

Anywhere from one to twelve week-long programs available year round
An enormous and sometimes forgotten aspect of spending time abroad is the vastly different types of life you will encounter culturally yes but we are talking wildlife. If taking time to learn about interact with and in some cases rescue animals that you might otherwise never encounter screams your name then you will be sure to be smitten with Go Eco. Beyond spending your time in animal rescue and care the program staff wants to ensure you absorb every element of your international experience. They will provide language lessons city tours and some cultural enjoyment. Volunteers in Ecuador how about complimenting your days of animal-care with nights of salsa lessons?

Intercultural Outreach Initiative 

6. Intercultural Outreach Initiative

“I had a great time volunteering at the tortoise breeding centre. Tortoises and staff! were lovely and it was lots of fun.”

Calling all environmentalists Working to educate volunteers in ecological sustainability conservation, and social development preservation in places of natural beauty is more than a short term goal with the Intercultural Outreach Initiative. For all of you animal lovers out there dreaming about volunteering abroad in Ecuador hello Galapagos Tortoises there is literally no other program for you than these Ecuador volunteer opportunities. This program emphasizes an adoration of living creatures, and lists a passion for animal conservation as one of its key requirements so you will be surrounded by your kind.  

Volunteering Solutions 

7. Volunteering Solutions

“This experience was so rewarding and opened my eyes to the world around me. The opportunity has given me a new perspective and I felt like I was able to truly make a difference in the lives of those I worked with.”

While a common time to volunteer abroad might be a gap year before or after college that norm should not dissuade you for those of you looking to get a head start on your international exposure Volunteering Solutions offers programs for high schoolers. For those of you married with kids and longing for meaningful travel Ecuador volunteer opportunities could be just your thing since they have got family programs too Volunteer projects in Ecuador through this organization are going to be humanistic-focused; we’re talking supporting women empowerment, working in a clinic with HIV positive individuals, or showing some love at a local orphanage. 

United Planet 

8. United Planet

“I loved the outcome of volunteering the people I helped really were appreciative of everything I did. Walking in the first day they clapped for me it was a rewarding experience. The country staff was very flexible and really wanted to make sure we were doing something we enjoyed.”

 Authenticity is the buzzword at United Planet and they will prove it when you volunteer abroad in Ecuador by orienting you with on site Spanish lessons a tour of Quito’s Old Town and excursions to some of the most well known artisan markets. This emphasis on authenticity spills over into the type of volunteer work available with this provider too we are talking deeply culturally-focused. Gain exposure and contribute a loving hand to the most impoverished parts of the country by working with low-income children with special needs  or contributing your time to understaffed healthcare centers.

ELI Abroad 

9. ELI Abroad

“Traveling is by far the most amazing thing you can do Imagine traveling abroad to explore the country and culture in the deepest way you can learn about the traditions music and way of living. And most important, imagine sharing your time and love while seeing people with smiles because you are with them.”

Cultural integration is at the heart of this provider and when opting to spend time volunteering abroad absorbing your surroundings is likely at the top of your list. A registered non profit ELI Abroad keeps its cohorts small its costs low and its endeavors meaningful. Teaching offering support in a medical clinic or helping out with animal rescue for a duration of at least Ten days all the way up to a year are all possibilities for volunteers in Ecuador thanks to ELI Abroad.

Projects Abroad 

10. Projects Abroad

“I went to the Galapagos Islands to teach English for a month though the program Projects Abroad. The staff was incredibly supportive, not only passionate about their work, but also personable and kind to every volunteer. Immediately I felt looked out for and like all my needs we're being met.”—Read more Projects Abroad reviews here.

Anywhere from one to twelve week long programs available year round
In operation for over 25 years Projects Abroad has stayed dedicated to its original mission of connecting young generations with worthwhile projects in developing parts of the world. Ensuring that your experience is hassle free and safe this provider trains all of its own staff and makes arrangements for your entire time abroad from airport pickup to insurance housing and departure. If you are someone that appreciates seeing your effort in action this program’s dedication to training resources and measurement tools is probably gravitating your towards it. You will get to feel this enormous sense of accomplishment from the comfort of the sun shining Galapagos Islands. 

Love Volunteers 

11. Love Volunteers: Amazon Animal Welfare

“I did a 6 week volunteer placement at an animal rescue and rehab center in Puyo Ecuador. Working at the project was a wonderful experience my favorite placement I have done four so far. Very well organized too much contact with the animals and meaningful work. In addition to our daily rounds of feeding the animals and cleaning their enclosures we had a variety of other projects maintaining and creating animal habitat and enrichment. The accommodations and the climate were somewhat challenging just what you would expect living in the Amazon. The staff at the center are wonderful kind helpful and inclusive. Ecuador is a wonderful country to visit a lot of difference in climate and activities.”

Love Volunteers defines excellence in the world of volunteering abroad and their myriad opportunities in Ecuador don’t stray from the norm. Whether you want to get up close and personal with the biodiversity of the Amazon work on the Galapagos Islands or find medical volunteer opportunities in Ecuador there is a Love Volunteers program with your name on it.

These Ecuador volunteer opportunities will put you on the right track

We are hoping that browsing through these options has got your adrenaline buzzing with excitement for all the adventure that’s about to come. Imagine how thrilled you will feel to actually be living it Now that you have gotten a sampling of the types of experiences Ecuador can bring into your life and the kinds of contributions you can make to Ecuador you are ready to select the best fit for yourself and get planning It’s only going to get better from here.

There may still be more logistics to work out there is probably lots to work out. Duration finances medicines and emergency contacts are some of a few. Don’t let that overwhelm you we have got you covered there too and after the planning comes the packing the plane, and the phenomenally life chan

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