Airline review: Qantas Airways A330-200 business class, Bali Denpasar to Sydney

Airline review: Qantas Airways A330-200 business class Bali Denpasar to Sydney


Denpasar to Sydney


A330-200 Qantas increased capacity an extra 650 seats per week and comfort when it introduced the A330 on this route on a full time basis earlier this year. The route was previously flown by a Boeing 737. 


Qantas Frequent Flyer part of the one-world alliance.




With a super-short flight time of four hours and 55 minutes we sit at the gate in Denpasar for about 20 minutes before take off to avoid arriving in Sydney before the 6AM curfew. We land 6 minutes ahead of the 6.25AM scheduled arrival time.




Although there is no express lane for business class passengers e-passport gates now operate at Denpasar Airport meaning we pass through immigration and security with none of the drama I have experienced previously.


Seat 3K a window seat in the third row of business class. Seats are a 1-2-1 configuration everyone has direct aisle access. There are 28 seats in business class 269 in economy.


The 40 kilogram checked in luggage allowance means there is plenty of room for shopping maybe forgo the Balinese doors though. Qantas Club and Silver frequent flyers get a generous 52 kilogram allowance Platinum and Platinum One members 60 kilograms. Business class passengers can also carry on 2 pieces at 7 kilograms each.


With a 10.25pm departure and a 2.5 hour drive from Sydney to Newcastle after landing sleep is my top priority. All 28 Marc Newson designed business suites convert to a 2 meter long flatbed and can be in the recline position and fitted with a comfortable mattress from take off right through to landing. This means maximum shut eye. I particularly love the luxury of the cotton duvets and Qantas pajamas which I manage to put on while seated years of changing out of swimmers in the car have not been wasted. There's a sizable console next to the seat and the design of the meal tray means you can dine and work at the same time not that I do any work. The amenities packs designed by Sydney artist Kate Banazi are striking and include ASPAR hand cream moisturizer and lip balm alongside the usual socks eye mask earplugs toothbrush and toothpaste. 


While seated at the gate I watch the end of finding my twin stranger a fascinating look at doppelgangers which I hadn't finished on the flight over and start a documentary on Jane Fonda. On the flight over I watch Mind the Gap a documentary chronicling the lives of three young friends growing up in Illinois, Rockford and Green Book. The Qantas branded noise cancelling headsets are excellent and the business suites offer 16 inch touch screens.


Efficient with pre flight ordering of dinner breakfast and drinks or in my case ticking a box to indicate not to disturb for meals is carried out while waiting to push back. Service is a well oiled machine but delivered with warmth and friendliness.


The Neil Perry designed 2 course dinner is a choice between ricotta and eggplant moussaka grilled chicken breast with roasted pumpkin sweet potato and salsa verde Soto Ayan poached chicken with noodles in a coconut lemongrass and turmeric broth and beef rendang. Fellow travelers tell me the beef rendang was spicy but good while the chicken noodle soup was fresh and tasty. Most impressive? Being able to enjoy a crafted flat white while approaching Sydney. Now there is a welcome home.


If you are flying business or are a Qantas Club Member you can use the premier lounge at Denpasar Airport but keep expectations low. .


Qantas' A330 business suites are a game changer setting a new bar for luxury on the popular Sydney Denpasar route 1.17 million Australians traveled to Bali last year. I enjoyed the best flight ever and a heavenly four hours' sleep on an overnight flight home from the Island of the Gods.



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