Casa del Pavo Real in Palomino, Colombia – The Beautiful Designer Hostel at the Caribbean Coast

Casa del Pavo Real in Palomino Colombia – The Beautiful Designer Hostel at the Caribbean Coast

Fresh and upcoming the new five Star Hostel in Palomino Colombia is surrounded by nature and has everything you need to relax after a hectic trip around South America. Let us introduce you to Casa del Pavo Real one of the mos impressive and beautiful Boutique Hostels in Colombia.

The info-box on Casa del Pavo Real

The location of Casa del Pavo Real is perfect!

Surrounded by mango trees and coconut palms Casa Pavo Real is on a quiet street just  four minutes from the beach.

If you prefer a bit more of a buzz the main street of restaurants bars and shops is only about 15 minutes by foot.

It’s a fantastic place to visit if you love the outdoors. Try your hand at tubing on the Palomino river take a surf lesson or visit the Tyrona National Park.

 Casa del Pavo Real, Casa del Pavo Real, La Guajira, Dibulla, Colombia

All room types at Casa del Pavo Real

Private Room Types available: Family room six bed, Double room with balcony, Bungalow with garden view, Standard bungalow

Shared Room Types available: 6 Bed mixed dorm

a big number of tall Palm trees wall less rooms and a crystal clear swimming pool are a few things to get excited about. The Colombian design and on site restaurant are the tip of the Caribbean ice berg.

Casa del Pavo Real comes with only eight rooms is family friendly and attractive for both active and laid-back travelers of all ages.

The best hostel in Palomino is once again a five Star hostel breaking the stereotype of hostels being cheap and simple accommodations for the young backpackers only.

We are your independent shortcut to the world’s finest hostels the five Star Hostels.

We are hunting down the best hostels in the world for you and putting them under one roof. So you can find your accommodation with one click and spend your time exploring the world instead of researching hostels.

Before we start, pack smart…

Remember to pack accordingly for staying in a hostel yet do not over-pack.

Casa del Pavo Real in Review
Shall we get on with it?

It’s time to delve in to our transparent criteria and show you why we love Casa del Pavo Real and why we are excited to give you reason to fall in love with it as well.

1. Sustainability

If you like to keep your footprint small whilst travelling then you will thank Casa del Pavo Real for their efforts.

Not only do they offer a free breakfast, but many of the things on offer are homemade.

This includes fresh bread, yogurt and marmalade.

Can we get a ‘hmmm’.

Any fruit and vegetable you taste has also been bought from local providers. You will notice the difference in taste and color.

Plastic use is kept to a minimum because of the glass bottled drinks. A local artist even takes the glass to use in their work!!!

No need to worry about the safety of water here. Use the refill system to save on waste and money.

The cherry on top is that Casa del Pavo Real has a special system which will make a fertilizer out of your food waste.

Note: The old saying your eyes are bigger than your stomach still stands. Only prepare what you can eat!!!

2. Lush Green and Traditional Design

Imagine of mix of modern white and traditional Colombian colorful tiles and wood. It’s a great start.

Stir in a lot of green plants and suddenly an elegant tropical vibe comes alive.

The bright spaces and open plan bring everything together to create a gorgeous place to unwind. This is the first big project of a 25 year old designer called Marianna.

We think you will agree she did a fantastic job.

We should probably excite you by telling you about the swimming pool outside.

If you prefer there is a balcony overlooking the pool and garden.

The joint social area and kitchen is a sociable design solo travelers will appreciate.

The large family table is so perfect for getting to know people over breakfast lunch or dinner. A community table is a big plus for any hostel. 

3. The Best Cook in the Village

As already mentioned the design of Casa del Pavo Real is unique. Especially in Palomino.

It’s the location of this hostel which we think is special.

The area is quiet with few surrounding neighbors so there’s no question you will rest easy here.

Having an in house restaurant is always a plus when you don’t fancy venturing out for dinner.

Chef Alex is well known as one of the best cooks in the village.

He rustles up some seriously tasty dishes you just have to try.

Now there really is no reason to leave in search of food especially when its open for Three meals a day.

4. Backpacker, Couples, Families – the vibes

The vibes at Casa Pavo Real are always flowing thanks to the mix of travelers it attracts.

Alongside your usual backpackers couples and families love to stay here. There is also a lovely mix of Colombian and foreign guests.

Although it’s certainly a place to come to relax no one says you can’t relax and mingle.

We absolutely love the giant family table in the dining area. This is the place to get social. And what better way than over food really good food!

Every Friday there is a BBQ with two for one beers to help loosen the tongue.

If you are around all weekend you can also enjoy a Saturday Happy Hour in the evening.

5. Ask the staff

There is a lot to say about a small team that work well together and are passionate about what they do.

This is how it is at the best hostel in Palomino Colombia.

Nine out of the eleven team members are local.

This is because the owners believe it is important to offer good job opportunities to locals.

Just to make it interesting, two of the members are from Switzerland. Perhaps you will be heading there next?!

As good teams do all members work together to get done whatever needs doing.

We like that.

Your Smart Packing List

It is the right time to see what you need to pack in your suitcase or backpack. You have to make sure you always pick a quality hostel it totally reduces the things you need to pack. Here is our ultimate hostel packing list. 

The most important things to pack are:
  • earplugs
  • eye mask
  • key chain flashlight
the perfect backpack the Nomatic our review of Nomatic or Lowe Alpine Lightflite 45 Pack
  • packing cubes
  • generic padlock fitting all locker types
  • quick-dry travel towel
  • universal power adapter
  • travel-sized toiletries
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