Flight of Fancy podcast: Best cities in the world to visit

Flight of Fancy podcast: Best cities in the world to visit

I love a big city. I love the bustle and the buzz. I love the feeling of possibility the sense of being alone but being part of something much bigger. I love that no one knows my name or who I am. I love that no matter what I feel like doing what I'm into what I'm interested in I will be able to find something in a big city to cater for it.

This is the joy of the world's great metropolises. Some travelers might crave peace and quiet some might hanker for open spaces and time for reflection but I want action I want dynamism I want a thrill and a challenge.

Cities give you that. They offer so much in spaces that are sometimes so small. They provide a window into the human condition they show you the good and bad the pretty and the ugly of people en mass. They are sometimes cultural, sometimes intimidating, sometimes beautiful and sometimes overwhelming. But they are always interesting.

I'm Ben Groundwater the host of Flight of Fancy and on this episode I'm joined by fellow travel writers Ute Junker and Rob McFarland to talk about the world's great cities. We are talking about the biggest and the best, the metropolises that thrill and amaze. We will walk you through our favorite cities and show you how to get the best out of them. We will tell you where to go and where to avoid.

We will be dropping a new episode of Flight of Fancy every fortnight this year so don't miss out. Subscribe to Flight of Fancy on iTunes or your favorite podcasting app.

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