How Marriott is Planning to Take on Airbnb

How Marriott is Planning to Take on Airbnb

 Airbnb has changed the way that people travel in recent years. Instead of booking a hotel room vacationers are opting to book a room in a private home. This puts traditional hotel chains like Marriott International in a very hard position because many probable guests are selecting a different experience.

To really keep up with the versatile housing options made available through companies  Airbnb Marriott International for instance has to expand from hotels to stand alone houses. The standalone houses that they offer are not your average family home and range in price from $200 per night to $10,000/night. On the $10,000 end of the spectrum is a castle in Ireland.

Marriott existing hotels guests now have the choice of 2,000 houses owned by Marriott International. These houses are situated all over the world to provide additional flexibility to guests who are looking for a more private experience. The castle in Ireland another unique homes include a a villa in St. and Lake Tahoe mountain home.

Guests will not have the same experience of getting a key or a pass code from the homeowner that is common with Airbnb. The Marriott homes are all owned by 3rd party companies that have spaces in unique and sometimes unconventional locations. Some of Marriott’s 3rd party partners include Loyd  and LaCure.

Where did the idea for this non-traditional home sharing program originate? Marriott made a trial last year to survey interest in this program. The majority of the participants were members of Marriot Bonvoy that is Marriott’s loyalty program. The individuals in this trial mostly traveling for leisure. The trial showed that most of the participants remained at the rental home for 3 times longer than a traditional hotel room. The results were really promising for the success of a home sharing program.

Marriott’s global chief officer Stephanie Linnartz noticed that people stay at various hotels for different reasons. For instance someone looking for an extended stay at a destination like a beach is likely to choose a various hotel design than someone staying overnight for a business meeting. The home sharing program is simply is another option that Marriott guests can choose from when booking their stay.

A loot of hotels including Marriott International are changing to the world of home sharing. Home sharing providing guests with more options when it comes to overnight stays. Travelers compare accommodations before they book a trip they should also compare and purchase travel insurance to save their Airbnb or hotel booking investment. 

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