Tips for Booking Luxury Hotels for Less

Tips for Booking Luxury Hotels for Less

How is different than other hotel booking sites? 

We hand pick independent hotels which benefit from selling inventory or they may not sell.

Do you have to be wealthy to stay in a luxurious hotel with

No we have 4.5- 5 star hotels for as low as $75 per night.

Can you give us examples of the 4.5- 5 star hotels you offer for as low as $75 per night? Are these hotels available online or do travelers have to call to get this deals?

Luxury suites at the signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas pictured above. This is available online best rates are mid week.

Do you see luxury travel changing over the next coming years?

Yes demand is picking up and rates are going up. But if you plan in advance and take advantage of flash sales and unpublished rates you can find a much lower rate. has about 15,000 hotels with unpublished rates available by calling 1-800-468-3578.

Are there differences between the European luxury travel market and the American luxury travel market? If that's true how does adjust to those?

Yes we use only American standards for rating systems. Europe rankings are much lower quality for same level of rating. Americans tends to look for different types of amenities so we stick to a United Stats rating system.

When adjusting European rating systems to American standards do you really change their star rating? For instance if a hotel in Madrid claims to be five star do you show it as four star?

We ignore the ratings from the European hotels and use our own rating system based on United Stats standards. 

Is booking online the only way to get a great deal when booking a luxury vacation?

No we actually have typically 10-20 per cent lower rates by phone.

Do the 10-20% lower rates by phone require advance payment? If so is it refundable?

Yes the lower rates by phone do require an advance payment but they are refundable except for a few properties that have a 25$ cancellation fee.

Why did Frommer's name you Best Booking Hotel Site? What criteria was used?

They tested the site extensively against other sites in terms of ease of use values on the site speed customer service call center experience range of product promotions value or more.

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