What to Know Before Medical Mission Trips for Pre-Med Students

What to Know Before Medical Mission Trips for Pre-Med Students

Ever dream of changing the world? As a pre med student there is no doubt you have big dreams. While changing the world is a huge feat medical trips abroad are a leap in the right direction. Communities all over the world struggle to provide adequate health care to their people and they are in desperate need of relief from the international community. As a pre med student you have the tools they need and as an undergraduate pre med international volunteer you can make a difference.

Whether you want to gain professional experience in the medical field, have a soft spot for helping those in need or want to break the mold and challenge yourself culturally medical mission trips for pre med students are where it’s at. Not only can you do all of the above but as a medical volunteer abroad you will take one small step towards changing the world.

 If you are ready to make the best decision of a lifetime for your career get ready for the 411 on medical mission trips for pre med students.

The 411 on medical trips abroad

Whether you are new to the field or the next Dr. Grey have a year to dedicate abroad or looking for short term spring break pre med trips it’s very important to do your research on pre med mission trips. After all the medical field should not be taken lightly. Here you will find everything you need to know before embarking on medical trips abroad.

1. Pre-med mission trips are more than just clinical work.

The medical field is vast and while you may be keen to get in on the action as a medical volunteer abroad pre med mission trips involve more than just clinical work. Some projects involve working with patients diagnosing illnesses and providing care while others involve educating communities on nutrition and sustainable health practices. There is administration involved too. Who is going to keep track of medical records? 

2. Grad schools love it.

Complementing your pre med studies with medical trips abroad is the best way to grab the attention of grad schools. They often look for volunteer experience and if you have been a volunteer abroad medical schools will snatch you up not only will they see your philanthropic side but it will show you have the life experience to go along with your medical degree you have pushed yourself outside your comfort zone coped with cultural shock and stress and have come out on the other side more resilient. You are going to kill it in grad school.

3. Volunteering abroad leads to lower rates of depression and mental illness.

Doing meaningful work while being integrated into a community makes you feel good and volunteering has been proven to lengthen your lifespan and improve your quality of life.While volunteering abroad in any field has a positive impact on your mental health we know pre med students need this a little extra because of the high stress of your studies. So as an undergraduate pre med international volunteer you not only get a leg up in the field but prove to yourself that you can take on anything life hands you.

4. You can’t always rely on your program provider for information.

Healthcare is serious business while your program will provide basic information about your placement and duties it’s important to do your own research to know what to expect. If you are embarking on pre med mission trips it’s a good idea to be prepared in such a serious type of placement with so many people relying on you. 

5. Impact depends on your commitment.

As with most volunteer trips abroad the more time you have to commit to a project the bigger the impact you will make on the community. The same holds true for medical trips abroad. Everyone has time constraints but it’s about making the most of the time you have away from your studies. 

Thinking of taking a gap year for pre med mission trips? But even if that’s not a possibility for you think of the time you do have. Spring break pre med trips are the perfect solution for those short on time. Instead of spending 2 weeks drinking tequila shots in Miami spend your time contributing to a developing country and expanding your medical knowledge with spring break pre-med trips abroad.

6. Most placements require medical skills.

While there are countries all over the world that are in need of medical relief they are not lacking unskilled laborers. Without knowledge or experience you will just be taking the job of a local. What these countries need are skilled professionals that they can’t find in their own communities. While you don’t have to be a trained doctor it’s important to have the medical knowledge and skills available to make a difference during your medical trips abroad.

7. Improvising can be necessary.

While US hospitals are stocked with every tool you could ever need that isn’t always the case when you volunteer abroad. Medical volunteers will need to improvise if the tools needed are not readily available it’s important to think of alternatives that are safe locally available and nearby. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and get creative on your pre med mission trips.

8. Language skills enhance the experience.

While it may not be a requirement for program entry it’s always a good idea to brush up on your language skills before embarking on pre med mission trips. Even if you are nowhere near fluent attempting to speak the language will be greatly appreciated by the locals. As an undergraduate pre-med international volunteer that attempts to connect with the community you will earn respect and trust and that’s always important on medical trips abroad.

9. Your world will never be the same.

Medical mission trips for pre med students will both melt your heart and make it ache. You will learn so much about the medical field that those which don’t cross borders will never know and these things stick with you for life. You will become more well rounded flexible and open-minded about medicine and you will grow as a human opening to a new world that will only allow you to grow.

4 programs to help you become a medical volunteer abroad

Where do you start if you want to become a volunteer abroad? Medical mission trips for pre med students are available at these top four programs.

Volunteering Solutions 

1. Volunteering Solutions

One of our most popular medical volunteer abroad programs allows you to work with an excellent team of program providers to organize your trip from start to finish. With Volunteering Solutions you will work in both rural and suburban underprivileged communities around the world under the supervision of doctors nurses, and physiotherapists. You won’t have to worry about a thing with this program as they include accommodation meals and transport. All you have to do is show up and lend a hand to those in need!


Destinations: Cambodia, Ghana, Costa Rica, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Tanzania,  Uganda ,Thailand, Vietnam
Main projects: Emergency Medicine, Dentistry ,Radiology, Pediatric, Surgery, Maternity, and more.


2. International Volunteer HQ IVHQ

IVHQ is the world’s most trusted and affordable volunteer abroad program as well as one of GoAbroad’s top rated programs. With over 40 destinations to choose from volunteers can choose from all types of placements and locations. The best part? They offer cheap impactful medical trips abroad. While most placements require experience and qualifications medical trips abroad are available if you are an undergraduate pre med international volunteer.


Destinations: , Costa Rica, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru ,India
Main projects: Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Paramedics ,Dentistry, Clinical Laboratory Science Optometry, Nutrition HIV/AIDS Support and more.

Love Volunteers 

3. Love Volunteers

Love Volunteers may be a smaller organization but they offer a much more personalized experience. With a small team that works directly with local organizations to keep costs to a minimum, most of your money goes directly to the local communities. Love Volunteers specializes in medical internships for pre-med students as a medical volunteer abroad you can shadow international professionals in public and private hospitals and clinics. With these placements pre-med students will focus on prevention and improved quality of life for international communities through spreading health awareness.


Destinations: Honduras, Ghana, Jamaica, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe ,Thailand and more.
Main projects: Dentistry HIV/AIDS Support and Medical Internships.


4. GoEco

If you are studying medicine dentistry or public health pre-med mission trips at GoEco are a great move for your career. This program allows students in all years of study with any amount of experience the ability to assist in hospitals and clinics around the world while receiving academic credit for their time and work. With a huge variety of medical mission trips for pre med students you are bound to find the perfect placement. Every placement can be tailored to meet your specific specialty and academic requirements.


Destinations: Bali, Cambodia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, India, Peru, Malawi, South Africa, Vietnam, , Zimbabwe and Zambia.
Main projects: Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biomedical Science, and Health Science.

You are one step closer to medical mission trips for pre-med students

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime? As an undergraduate pre-med international volunteer you can travel the world and gain new knowledge of the medical field that most of your fellow students won’t have all while making a positive impact on a community in need. 

 With these tips you are ready to dive in. Do some research check out the top programs for pre-med mission trips and don’t be afraid to bring big change to the world around you.

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