10 Entry-Level Online English Teaching Jobs—No Degree Required

10 Entry-Level Online English Teaching Jobs—No Degree Required

Looking for online English teaching jobs no degree required? We have got Ten of them for you  who is not dreaming nowadays of a job that one can do from the comfort of their own home on their own schedule and with their own dress code cough sweatpants cough? Luckily we live in a time where this beautiful tool called the Internet exists and can make all of this possible.

Whether at home, at the coffee shop, or at your friend’s house, you can earn money teaching online ANYWHERE.

In the past few years to teach English online with Skype has become a popular and high demand job all over the world. There are a lot of companies out there that would rather hire remote teachers and spare themselves the hassle of travel and moving coordination. Teaching English via the internet is ideal for those who do not want to relocate to a new country that can be cool but hey whatever floats your boat or for those who want to travel to their heart’s content without being tied down. Can we get a slow clap for creating your own schedule? 

For some that want to teach English online with Skype this might not be the long term dream job but it is the dream job for those which need some extra pocket money, or need more time to concentrate on their studies and other life goals without going broke. However there is usually one little catch when it comes to teaching English a pesky degree.

When most English-teaching companies require their teachers to have a degree any kind of degree! there are still enough companies out there for which being a native speaker TEFL certification and some teaching experience are more than enough to meet baseline requirements to teach English online. How do you find these jobs and how do you sign up for them you ask? Well buckle up kids cause we are here to provide all the ins-and-outs of how to get yourself online English teaching jobs no degree required in no time!.

What are the qualifications to teach English online?

In a world where getting a higher education has become as expensive as buying a house more and more companies understand the need for a side gig to get that degree and put you on a path to success. That’s not to say there are no other requirements to teach English online there are but in this case a degree is not one of them. Some companies will consider hiring you even more if you are already enrolled in a college program or are pursuing a degree!.

Requirements to teach English online

  • Being a native or fluent English speaker. 
          Well you can’t teach English if you can’t speak it right? We just want to make sure  everyone 
           is on the same page.
  • TEFL certification. 
          While a degree is not necessary to earn money teaching English online most hiring companies 
          do expect and require a TEFL certification. There are a lot of full online TEFL courses that                  you can take and get certified in no time from home!.
  • A few years of experience. 
          A few years of teaching experience will help you get your foot through the door. Teaching                  experience can be considered anything from real teaching to coaching or mentoring children                and adults in the English language. Not enough experience? No problem enroll in online                      courses designed specifically for teaching English online and report it on your resume.
  • All the right hardware. 
          Before you start applying for a teaching English via the internet job make sure that you have                the necessary equipment to make this possible. While some companies will give you the                      material for your lessons they will not give you the equipment. Make sure you have a fast                    internet connection headset microphone and camera. Most laptops and PCs 
          come with all these included!.

10 online English teaching jobs, no degree required

1. QKids 

It's is one of the most popular platforms for teaching English to Chinese children between the ages of 4-12 and it doesn’t require for you to have a degree just a passion for teaching English. Enjoy a unique teaching experience with animated characters engaging stories interactive games and a pre-made lesson plan. The company hires college students stay at home parents and professional tutors so they definitely have a spot for you as well. 


  • Requirements: Although the positions don’t necessarily require a degree TEFL certification is highly preferred. At the moment QKids only hires native English speakers from the U.S and Canada. 
  • Average earnings: ~$8 per class


2. SayABC 

SayABC not only has some of the best online rates for teaching English via the internet but it also amazingly allows your own schedule so you can make it fit your own lifestyle. If you are an early bird you can schedule your classes in the a.m.,have a siesta then come back for other classes. You might sometimes have to teach late at night due to the time difference but we are sure you can find a way to make it work and you can work from anywhere with a good internet connection. You will be teaching up to four kids per class with ages between Five to Eleven if you need support to prepare a fun interactive class you will get all the help you need from the company.


  • Requirements: You don’t need to be a native English speaker but you need native level skills. Although they require a degree the company believes in giving anyone a chance and training the future generation of teachers so they will accept applications of non holders as well. You will need a TEFL certification and some teaching experience to make up for the lack of degree.
  • Average earnings: $20 per class


3. Cambly 

Cambly is one of the coolest platforms to earn money teaching English online. This is not your normal teaching class either but more of a conversational kind of class where you get to chat to people from all over the world and help them develop their English skills. Most of your students will be adults hey don’t we all want to learn?. You can work anytime anywhere and for as long as you wish. You got an extra hour here and there? Log in take your next call and the company will track every minute of it so you don’t lose any money. This is a great way for you to meet new people from all over the world and learn more about various cultures. No matter how you look at it it’s a win-win situation.


  • Requirements: Everyone all over the world can become a Cambly teacher there are no special requirements not even teaching experience. The application process is actually more concentrated on how good your internet connection is, and the quality of your devices.
  • Average earnings: $10 per class 


4. Palfish

Palfish is an app-based platform for teaching English via the internet to people all over the world for all ages. As the company itself puts it Palfish is like the eBay for English classes. With Palfish you can teach from wherever you want as long as you have a good WiFi connection and your students can also take the class from wherever they want. Some of them might have busy schedules and will mostly likely want to do their English class within those few minutes of riding a bus to school or work. You can teach one on one lessons or an entire group at the same time. The app also allows you to set your own rates and with a bigger class and growing reputation comes a bigger income.


  • Requirements: You do not need a degree certification nor working experience to work at Palfish, but you do need to be fluent in English. Just send a video with your application and if you are enthusiastic friendly and hard working you are guaranteed a spot on the Palfish team.
  • Average earnings: $10-18 per class

Magic Ears 

5. Magic Ears

The online teaching platform of Magic Ears provides a fun interactive and efficient way to teach English to Chinese children between the ages of 4-12. You can have flexible hours and teach in a 1-on-4 class format so that both you and your students can interact with each other and transform it into a nice conversational class. Your lesson schedules are already designed and classes last only 25 minutes. And the best part about it is that if your students like you and keep asking for you, you can get lots and lots of bonuses.


  • Requirements: The company doesn’t have a lot of requirements for their teachers besides being friendly interactive and passionate about teaching but if you can provide a TEFL certification and some teaching experience you can rest assured that you can score yourself a spot in the team.
  • Average earnings: $20 per class


6. Acadsoc

Acadsoc is an international online ESL or an online English tutor club that aspires to become the largest online ESL company for Chinese learners. The company offers full time as well as part time positions so you can work whenever the time allows you. Set up your office at home and start preparing assessments for one on one classes. Depending on your qualifications to teach English online and experience you will receive different work packages and student groups. To make this job even more appealing you will already be getting a lot of bonuses like as enrollment bonus class completion bonus and perfect attendance bonus.  


  • Requirements: To be eligible for a job with Acadsoc you need to be a fluent English speaker know the basic principles of teaching ESL courses have a TEFL certification and be willing to take up improvement training.
  • Average earnings: $10 per class

Amazing Talker 

7. Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker hires teachers for all languages not only English and it does not require a degree. Based on your application and the student’s learning requirements you are matched with students for whom you have to give a 25 minute trial class. Private classes last 50 minutes and you can set your own rates. The company offers you full video training to socialize yourself with how the platform works and how you should engage with your students. You can meet other teachers from all over the world join the organization’s league of teachers or create your own. Teaching English will be a fun experience at Amazing Talker!.


  • Requirements: A degree is not required but you need to be fluent in English and have at least a TEFL certification. Extra teaching experience will also set you apart from other candidates.
  • Average earnings: $25 per class

Skima Talk 

8. Skima Talk

Teach English with Skima Talk anytime anywhere!. Anyone can sign up with Skima Talk and become a teacher after a screening of teachers qualifications and based on your popularity within the student community not everyone gets to stay. That being said Skima Talk puts lots of emphasis on their customers satisfaction and expect for their teachers to turn the lessons into life changing experiences. They recommend their students choose the teachers with the highest ratings or a history with the least or zero cancellations or no shows. This not only helps with providing students with the best English classes but puts a certain pressure on the teachers to always perform at their best. Plus what better feedback can one get than real firsthand reviews from their students?


  • Requirements: To become a teacher at Skima Talk you have to be a native English speaker with dialects from the U.S. New Zealand, Ireland ,Australia or Great Britain and be at least 18 years of age. A degree is not required nor is a TEFL certification or previous teaching experience  but it is preferred. 
  • Average earnings: Set your own price and receive 80 per cent per class

Open Talk 

9. Open English

For Latin America Open English is the best online English school there is. With 24/7 classes native English speaking teachers guarantee that students learn correct pronunciations while learning in small groups or one-on-one lessons. Students range from children to adults of all ages if you speak Spanish or Portuguese that’s a huge plus!. You can pretty much make your own schedule but you can only teach for a maximum of 24 hours per week. The application process may seem a bit demanding with ESL knowledge tests and technical compatibility tests but this is only because Open English only seeks high-quality teachers.


  • Requirements: To become a teacher with Open English you need to be an independent contractor and an American English native speaker. But you don’t have to be on U.S ground to qualify you can be anywhere in the world. As long as you are authorized to work in the U.S. you should send your application right away!.
  • Average earnings: ~$12 per class


10. Italki

With Italki, you can teach any language you speak fluently no degree required to students of all ages and ability levels. Students will choose their teachers based on their personal profile video introduction and reviews from other students. Once you become a teacher with Italki you can extend your services from teaching English to editing or proofreading other people’s writing. You get lots of flexibility when creating your schedule no set hours or planning your classes because there is no set curriculum or premade lesson plans. It’s all on you to create your lessons based on your students needs. 


  • Requirements: You have to be at least 18 years old to qualify as a tutor and you must be a native or near native English-speaker. We do recommend to emphasize any certificate or teaching experience you have to be competitive and attract students.
  • Average earnings: $12 per class

No degree, no problem teaching English via the internet is still possible!

Get out there and earn money teaching English online! Your bank account will thank you.

We have seen that not having a degree shouldn’t stop you from applying for teaching English via the internet. As long as you meet the company’s qualifications to teach English online you are already an eligible candidate for the position. Check out these companies and pick the one that you think may fit with your goals and values. If your time allows it you might be able to sign up with two companies. Just make sure that this won’t hinder your performance and that the companies allow it in their policies. 

Just remember starting with one company doesn’t mean you are stuck if you are a beginner take every position as a learning curve but make sure you always give your best and you are improving along the way. If you leave a company do so with a clean reputation, and you will have no problem getting a new position somewhere else. Start getting some certs if you want to improve your students base knowledge and your own income.

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